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Quotes from Social Media — September 10, 2019
My Experience with Tea Tree Oil — October 23, 2018

My Experience with Tea Tree Oil

All of my life I have been known as slightly clumsy.  Running into objects and tripping over my own feet.  My two sons have their favorite memory of me running in a race against them down a small hill.  As we are all running towards the car, I am going full speed, because I can’t let me two boys beat me in a race, I feel my legs and my upper body fall out of alignment.  I am not really sure if my legs were going too fast or too slow, I just know it all seemed to happen in slow motion.  I started to fall forward and there was no stopping it.  It seemed like I rolled a couple of times and came to a complete stop in front of my boys hysterically laughing.  Ah good memories.

But now back to the rest of the story.  I recently scratched the top of my left foot and it left a pretty good sore.  It was in an area that my shoes, sandals and flip flops were always irritating it.  I would put a band-aid with a leading antibiotic gel on in to try and keep it from bleeding in my sock but at the end of the day the sore was still moist and tender.  It didn’t do any good for the healing of my scratch.

I purchased a small bottle of tea tree oil and thought I would give that a try.  I have read up on the uses of tea tree oil and there are several uses from acne, athletes foot, cold sores, etc.  I also know first hand of the amazing job it does on the itch of the mosquito bite.  My apology for digression, I put this essential oil on my foot for a few days.  The improvement I was seeing was amazing.  The sore itself has almost healed and I don’t have to worry about which shoes to wear anymore.

This is a product I will definitely keep on hand in my first aid bag, great to take along on camping trips, fishing trips and hiking.  If you would like to learn where to purchase the oil I have please feel free to email me at


Are You For a Challenge? — August 27, 2018
Community Opportunity — August 9, 2018

Community Opportunity

Looking at the news and the climate around you, you may think we don’t have much good or love in the atmosphere.  I have an opportunity to be able to share and spread love.  If nothing else please share.

“I am attempting to raise money for my son, daughter-in-law and their 1 year old daughter.  They are a young family starting out trying to improve their selves.  In the mist of attempting to do this they have had their car break down and need to get that fixed.  Fortunately, their dad has been able to let them use his truck but the gas for the truck is expensive and he only works part-time.

In the meantime the daughter-in-law has the opportunity to start a job this Friday but needs to be able to put the money down for registration and a week in advance.

They are also behind in their car payments.  They are trying to do the best they can and as a parent I am trying to help as much as I can.  As of right now to fix the car it would be $500, the payments are $640.00 ($320.00) monthly, and $245.00 to get their daughter in daycare and paid up for a week.

They are both working hard to get their diplomas and my son once has completed his high school diploma he plans to join the military.  I would like to help them achieve their goals.

If I could do this myself I would, but I would be forever grateful for any help that can be given.  Here is the link if you are able to spare…. “

How to Work Through Tough Relationships. — July 26, 2018

How to Work Through Tough Relationships.

Let’s talk about relationships.  The first thing that probably comes to mind when someone says “relationship” is probably your romantic relationship.  But there are so many other relationships in our lives.  We have brothers, sisters, parents, friends and even co-workers that you have relationships with.

Relationship can tend to be frustrating.  You may get frustrated when the people you interact with each and every day don’t do what you think is best.  It could be a co-worker that you are explaining something to and after you leave they find a different way to it that suits them, but you don’t see it the way they do.  Or your kids that you give advice to and they refuse to listen or do the opposite you say. Or a communication issue with your parents.  All of these scenarios can leave you wanting to scream or pull your hair out.  Can I get an Amen?  I have two boys enough said.

But what I am going to share with you today is going to save your sanity.  Drop all expectations.  It’s that simple.  It’s when you expect someone to do what you say or that you want to control the situation that you tend to feel frustrated.  Everyone on this earth has the right to be who they want to be and do what they want to do.   You get to choose how you want to feel about that person.  Let me give you some examples.

If you have a family member or a friend that you are constantly inviting to gatherings and they are always busy doing something else, you may tend to start to think this person doesn’t care.  You start feeling angry, sad, frustrated or disappointed.  These are all normal responses because we expect that if you invite someone to an event that they would want to come.  When they don’t you start to tell yourself stories, in your mind.  These stories you tell your self are what creates the feelings you are having.  The best way to combat these feelings is to let the person be who they want to be.  You cannot change them.  You can always extend the invitation but have no expectations tied to their response. This will not only create a more peaceful mind for you but more peace in your relationship.  That is what makes this so great and awesome.  You get to decide how you want to feel.

Another example: If your child, son or daughter, ends up in prison or dealing with a drug addiction, as a parent the first thing you want to do is start evaluating what you did wrong.  But who says you did anything wrong?  That is when you get to let them make their own choices and face their own consequences.  You can feel empathy for them and want to help them empower themselves, but never take on someone else’s actions as your responsibility.  This does not serve you.  You can even set time aside to grieve about what could have been; however, do not choose this spot as your resting place.  There is still more life for them to live and for you to live.  No one knows the future and you will never know why they are living the path they are living.  Only in the future is their purpose revealed.

In summary, you get to choose how you get to feel about any relationship in your life.  If you choose to love someone you get to love them, unconditionally.  They cannot stop you from loving or feeling love for them.  And why would you want to choose any other emotion?

If you have a relationship that you want to work through I invite you to schedule a complimentary session we me,,

Live Positive My Friends!!

Girl Talk: Intimacy with Your Spouse — July 19, 2018

Girl Talk: Intimacy with Your Spouse

As a teenage girl growing up in the 80’s it was pretty awesome.  There were a lot of independent role models.  The icons of the 80s were Madonna, Janet Jackson and Alyssa Milano to name a few.  These women were teaching us that we were strong, independent women who didn’t need men.  That we were in control.  However; those of us who were married were being taught that we were the ones in control and that everything is up to us.  And that means even the “chicka chicka boom boom”.

This philosophy may look good on paper and sound really empowering but this thinking, I believe, created a lot more dysfunctional marriages and broken homes.  Women decided that men were just another fixture only there for our needs.  No mention of their needs.

In the early 90s there was another icon I started listening to; that was Dr. Laura.  She taught me how important it was to want to have intimacy in my marriage.  Our spouses are not there to serve us.  They are there to be loved by us.  To care for them and respect them and appreciate who they are, not to change them.  Once we release the stress of wanting to control who they are and learn to love them, then the relationship can go so much further.

We do not only need to have sex when we feel like it.  What usually makes us not want to feel like it, is us.  We tell ourselves how tired we are, how busy we are, how unattractive we feel.  We fool ourselves into thinking that if we don’t feel like it, we don’t have to worry about our partner.  That is such a selfish thought.  Being close to your spouse in such an intimate manner is one of the blessing we have in life.  If you feel that you are telling yourself that you’re tired, that only you matter, etc., then you need to decide how important a happy marriage is to you.  If your spouse is wanting sex and at that particular time you aren’t feeling like it, then change your thoughts.  Put on music that makes you feel happy and sassy.  Dress up, do your hair and makeup.  If being funny and humorous can get you in the mood do that.  This will dramatically change your marriage.  If you don’t believe me; challenge yourself to try this over the next few months, but you will also have to change your thinking about your whole relationship no just when you are being intimate.

The status of your relationship is all in your mind.  If you want a fabulous relationship all you have to do is think it.

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The Makings of a Great Relationship. — July 13, 2018

The Makings of a Great Relationship.

Marriage is not always sunshine and roses.  Neither was it meant to be.  Just like in life there is going to be positive and negative.  What makes a good marriage is working through the negative and accepting the it.  Understanding what is making it negative.  What is making it negative or bad is the thinking you have behind it.

I am on my second marriage and I choose to be happy in this marriage.  Not by making up things that don’t exist but by not making him be the person I want him to become.  I married him because I love who he is, why would I want to change that?

Just the other night there was a topic that I enjoy discussing but he doesn’t really want to talk about it.  I could have made a big deal about it and made him feel bad for not feeling my need to express myself.  I could have used this moment to criticize and point out all the things he is doing wrong.  But you know what, there isn’t anything he is doing wrong.

I am letting him be him.  I could choose to look at my marriage and my husband and find everything that I believe to be wrong with him or I could look at my marriage and my husband and see everything that is right about him.

The next time you are feeling like your spouse/partner is not living up to what you thought marriage would be, look at your thoughts you are having and do a love fest on them.  What do I mean by a love fest?  Write down everything you love about your spouse/partner and you will feel a change in how you feel and the direction of your marriage.

Here is my love fest on my husband:

  • I love the way he is concerned about my feelings (even though he has not control) 😊
  • I love the way he laughs
  • I love the effort he puts in with caring for our dogs and making sure they have good nutrition
  • I love his body
  • I love how he smells
  • I love how he takes care of himself and takes pride in the way he looks
  • I love how he takes care of my vehicle for me
  • I love how he makes sure I get to visit my children
  • I love the he snuggles with me
  • I love how he still opens the door for me

I could go on and on, but you understand what a love fest is, and I challenge you to write down 10 things you can love on about your partner.

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Lessons Learned from My Divorce — July 6, 2018

Lessons Learned from My Divorce

I understand there are a lot of emotions that are swirling around like a hurricane in your mind and body when you are going through a divorce.  I have been there.  I was very emotional from being sad to being angry.   There was a lot of insecurity of what was next and a lot of fear of being on my own.

Now that I am years separated from my divorce I can look back and see the lessons that I have learned.  These lessons had more to do with me than him.  I never looked at my ex-husband with hate and vindictiveness.  I always looked at the divorce as we out grew our relationship.  I will have people who read this and will start giving reasons why their divorce is different than mine and will start giving me proof of why they hate their ex and how bad of a person he/she is or was to them.  I am not discrediting what happened in anyone’s life, but I will give to you the ability to be free from hating.  When you can look back and realize first off there was a time in your life that you loved this person who you now look at with disgust.  This feeling of disgust and anger is not affecting him/her, it is affecting you, and not in a good way.

Lesson #1:  Be responsible for your own feelings.  If you are feeling anger and hate in your body and mind this is being generated from you, not your ex-spouse, ex-partner or ex-boyfriend/girlfriend.

The next part of this I want to share is the introspection I did on myself.  A relationship takes two people to create.  I can look back on my relationship and see where I could grow from how I conducted myself in the relationship.  Again, I am going to have people telling me their story of how their spouse cheated on them or how their spouse was abusive, etc.  I am not de-valuing what happened in your relationship.  But is there a way you could have handled it better for yourself, for your children (if it applies), is there something that you can take and grow as a person, without having the negative thoughts and feelings that are associated with your relationship.

Lesson #2: This lesson came from taking responsibility for my thinking and actions in the relationship.  I can now use this information today in every type of relationship I am apart of today.  I am not responsible for any other person’s feelings but my own.  I cannot control any other person but myself.  I start this lesson out with this statement because this was a biggest part of my marriage and my divorce.  I assumed my husband was unhappy and wasn’t communicating with me and these thoughts created a lot of frustration for me.  Here I was assuming what my husband was feeling, and even if he was unhappy it had more to do with him than me.  As far as him not being a person that I felt wasn’t a person that was able to communicate, I should have allowed him to be that person.  And last, his happiness had nothing to do with my happiness.  I learned I create my own reality.  As part of this lesson do not have expectations for your partner.  This is a big topic to get into in this blog but believe me it doesn’t help anyone to expect them to make you happy.

With all of that said.  If I would have concentrated on the part of life that I had complete control over, which was myself, I could have turned my marriage around.  I could have created what I perceived as an unhappy marriage to a happy marriage.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that we would have stayed together.  I don’t know what would have happened.  But I would have created a much more happy and peaceful part of my life.

I also look back and know that I do not regret my divorce because for one I can’t change it, and 2 I would not have grown into the person I am today.

Lesson #3: It only takes one person in the relationship to change to change the relationship.  I know you are saying to yourself, why should I change, and they don’t have to.  Because you are the one that controls you, and if you are the one seeing an issue, it is in your thoughts, maybe they aren’t seeing it.  They may be completely happy, and you should join them.

I want to leave you with this last thought.  No matter where you are in your divorce, never, never, never use your children against the other.  Do not talk about your spouse to your children in a negative way, and about your relationship.  Usually the children are too young to understand what is going on and it simply isn’t their business.  There is no upside to destroying a mother/father relationship for your child.

This topic is so huge that it will take multiple blogs to cover everything.  But this is a good start to use whether you are going through a divorce or in a relationship.  These lessons can help you no matter where you are in your relationship.

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Live Positive My Friends!!

Don’t Wish for Someone Else’s Life! — April 12, 2018

Don’t Wish for Someone Else’s Life!

Do you find yourself wanting to be Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian, enter any celebrity’s name?  Do you find yourself DVRing a reality show based on someone else’s life?  If you answered yes to either of these questions I challenge you to ask yourself “Why?”

Why would you want to be someone else?  Why not just change who you are by changing your life?  Watching someone else live their life; whether it is scripted on some reality show or in some celebrity magazine, you are just seeing what sells.  You are not experiencing any of the challenges they may be going through.  I can tell you this their obstacles are as real for them as yours are for you.

I would like to offer to you that you work on how you feel about yourself and be the person that you can look at and say, “I want to be like me”.  Be the kind of person that creates the life you want.  Be proactive in creating your life, taking massive action.  If you aren’t living the life you want to live the responsibility only lays with you.

I look back on my life and I accept everything that has happened in it.  My life was pretty ordinary.  My family was poor and lived under the poverty line.  My mom took me to second had stores to get clothing for school.  I wore shoes with holes in them and hand me down clothes from my sister.  As a house hold there were times our utilities were shut off due to nonpayment.  We were a family that never experienced vacations and get to go places.  But my parents always woke up each day, went to work and worked hard.  I received my work ethic from my parents.  I don’t look back on my life and say I wish….   I used to.  But you know what that got me?  Nothing.  I couldn’t change who I was or how I grew up.  And to wish for that to be changed means I wish I was different today.  But I don’t.  I appreciate who I am today.

This acceptance in who I am, and my life isn’t just words that I am writing in a blog.  In accepting my life, I have put in a lot of hard work and effort to come to terms with my past.  I had self-esteem issues all my life and not working through the thoughts I was telling myself developed into an eating problem and a weight problem.  But as I am typing this today I accept where I am at with my confidence, my body and my weight.  With this acceptance comes all new kinds of possibilities for my future, for a new version of me that will blow my own mind.

I am happy to be me!

I want to invite you to schedule a coaching session with me to see how you can begin the work to accepting who you are and creating the life you want.  Don’t sit and wish to be someone else.

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Live Positive My Friends.

Food Addiction; Recovery is Possible. — March 29, 2018

Food Addiction; Recovery is Possible.

I am a self-admitted food addict.  I have been an addict most of my life.  I thought dieting was the solution without realizing what was truly going on in my brain centers.  I hated myself for not being able to stick to any food regimen and cheating and lying about it to my family and friends.

I would wake up each day feeling strong and motivated that I was going to stay on my diet.  I remember counting calories; counting points, trying to cut out carbs, eating low fat and journaling everything I would eat.  I use to blame my focus on food on always being on a diet and having to think about it all the time.  When I stopped doing all of the counting and journaling I still gained weight and thought about food all the time.

I hated the way I looked and felt.  I would cry when I would try on clothes or look in the mirror.  I felt so hopeless and that there was no hope for me.  I gave up and just ate food to make me happy but then I ended up hating myself and beating myself up for eating it.

Here I am today and I do not focus on past mistakes anymore.  I am where I need to be emotionally and am happy with who I am.  I understand how food; processed sugar and flour, interact with my body and the pleasure center of my brain.  I know that my mind will try to justify the type of foods that have processed sugar and flour in them because it is programmed to seek out pleasure.  I know that my thoughts drive my feelings which create my actions to what I am choosing to eat.  With this knowledge I am losing the weight and in control of my life and my relationship with food.

Here are a few questions that will help you determine if you are a food addict as well.

  • Do you have health concerns but still continue to overeat?
  • Do you use food to feel pleasure and avoid emotions?
  • Do you constantly think about food?
  • Do you lie about the food that you eat to friends and family?
  • Do you feel shame after eating?

These are just some of the questions you can ask yourself to determine if you need assistance in breaking the food addition and moving into food recovery.  The first three steps I focus on with my clients are acknowledgment, acceptance and love of self.  Click on this link if you want to schedule a complimentary food addiction coaching session,,

With love, Live Positive my friends.