All of my life I have been known as slightly clumsy.  Running into objects and tripping over my own feet.  My two sons have their favorite memory of me running in a race against them down a small hill.  As we are all running towards the car, I am going full speed, because I can’t let me two boys beat me in a race, I feel my legs and my upper body fall out of alignment.  I am not really sure if my legs were going too fast or too slow, I just know it all seemed to happen in slow motion.  I started to fall forward and there was no stopping it.  It seemed like I rolled a couple of times and came to a complete stop in front of my boys hysterically laughing.  Ah good memories.

But now back to the rest of the story.  I recently scratched the top of my left foot and it left a pretty good sore.  It was in an area that my shoes, sandals and flip flops were always irritating it.  I would put a band-aid with a leading antibiotic gel on in to try and keep it from bleeding in my sock but at the end of the day the sore was still moist and tender.  It didn’t do any good for the healing of my scratch.

I purchased a small bottle of tea tree oil and thought I would give that a try.  I have read up on the uses of tea tree oil and there are several uses from acne, athletes foot, cold sores, etc.  I also know first hand of the amazing job it does on the itch of the mosquito bite.  My apology for digression, I put this essential oil on my foot for a few days.  The improvement I was seeing was amazing.  The sore itself has almost healed and I don’t have to worry about which shoes to wear anymore.

This is a product I will definitely keep on hand in my first aid bag, great to take along on camping trips, fishing trips and hiking.  If you would like to learn where to purchase the oil I have please feel free to email me at