I am a self-admitted food addict.  I have been an addict most of my life.  I thought dieting was the solution without realizing what was truly going on in my brain centers.  I hated myself for not being able to stick to any food regimen and cheating and lying about it to my family and friends.

I would wake up each day feeling strong and motivated that I was going to stay on my diet.  I remember counting calories; counting points, trying to cut out carbs, eating low fat and journaling everything I would eat.  I use to blame my focus on food on always being on a diet and having to think about it all the time.  When I stopped doing all of the counting and journaling I still gained weight and thought about food all the time.

I hated the way I looked and felt.  I would cry when I would try on clothes or look in the mirror.  I felt so hopeless and that there was no hope for me.  I gave up and just ate food to make me happy but then I ended up hating myself and beating myself up for eating it.

Here I am today and I do not focus on past mistakes anymore.  I am where I need to be emotionally and am happy with who I am.  I understand how food; processed sugar and flour, interact with my body and the pleasure center of my brain.  I know that my mind will try to justify the type of foods that have processed sugar and flour in them because it is programmed to seek out pleasure.  I know that my thoughts drive my feelings which create my actions to what I am choosing to eat.  With this knowledge I am losing the weight and in control of my life and my relationship with food.

Here are a few questions that will help you determine if you are a food addict as well.

  • Do you have health concerns but still continue to overeat?
  • Do you use food to feel pleasure and avoid emotions?
  • Do you constantly think about food?
  • Do you lie about the food that you eat to friends and family?
  • Do you feel shame after eating?

These are just some of the questions you can ask yourself to determine if you need assistance in breaking the food addition and moving into food recovery.  The first three steps I focus on with my clients are acknowledgment, acceptance and love of self.  Click on this link if you want to schedule a complimentary food addiction coaching session, https://calendly.com/livepositivelc/30min,

With love, Live Positive my friends.