When we think of our health and getting fit sleep is usually the last piece we think about.  We think about getting up to work out, making the healthier choices throughout the day and reducing stress.  Sleep may be fourth on the list or overlooked all together.  We may think I don’t need as much sleep as others and it may be a badge of honor to say we can function on less than 6 hours’ worth of sleep.  But how much damage are you truly doing for that badge of honor?

Lack of sleep effects your memory, your response time, your immune system, can lead to high blood pressure and according to WebMD, lack of sleep can kill your sex drive.  Sleep is vital to an overall healthy wellbeing and balanced life.  So how do we accomplish this?

In my podcast, Sleep Peaceful Tonight https://livepositivelc.podbean.com/e/sleep-peaceful-tonight/, I discuss tips for a better night’s sleep.  One of them is having to do with how to get a consistent 7 to 9 hours of sleep.  The way to do this is to start closing the gap by 15 minute increments.

The way to accomplish getting 15 minutes more of shut eye is to figure out where you can cut out time on things that aren’t important to the priorities in your life.  Here is a tip on how to do that:

  • List your top 5 most important priorities in your life.
  • Review the next 7 days on your calendar
    • Make a list of activities scheduled that support your top 5 priorities
    • Make a list of activities schedule that do NOT support your top 5 priorities
  • Choose and circle at least ONE activity that does NOT support your top 5 priorities that you will cancel in the next 24 hours.
  • Write out this sentence “The activity I will cancel in the next 24 hours is: ___________________.

With this new found time you are able to shift your life to get in the additional sleep your body needs.

One last thought to help with getting more sleep in your life is to be aware of the time stealers; like binge watching Netflix, tv, social media, etc.  Shut off the electronics to shut down your brain.

As always my friends, Live Positive!!