Today I want to talk about instinct and how it may hold you back.  This topic came to me when I got back from lunch and was parking my car.  There was a spot open right by the entrance of my building.  At first, I was quite stoked about this accomplishment but than I wondered, “why do we all want the space closest to the door?”.

My mind came up with a few ideas of why, to get in out of the cold, we are in a hurry, or maybe just lazy.  But then I took a deeper look into it.  Is it some kind of achievement, even though no one else knows of it?  Is this an instinctual habit built into our DNA?  Have you heard of the Motivational Triad?

To break down briefly what the Motivational Triad is, it is the brain seeking pleasure, avoiding pain and being efficient.  The Motivational Triad I believe is why we seek out the closest parking space.  Our brain is doing what the brain does and is being efficient.  We are making the least effort and maximizing the amount of time we have.

How is this holding you back you ask?  We are expending the least amount of effort and energy, that’s how.  If it is showing up in simple every day tasks such as parking it is showing up in everything we do.  Which may be why you are choosing not to get active.  You need to become aware of how your mind work and the unconscious habits you may have.  To be able to make real change in your life you must be able to know what your mind thinking and your body is doing.  This goes for all areas of life not just movement, but eating, thinking, everything.

Have a great weekend my friends, Live Positive!!