I have had a life long love affair with junk food.  I used to feel shame, disappointment and failure when I thought about this addiction.  It was a daily, hourly, down to the minute struggle on some days.  It was no way for me to be living.

I had to do something.  All my brain power was being dedicated to the thoughts of food.  My desire for food was off the scales.  When I would go on a diet that is when I would feel scarcity towards food.  I felt like time was going to run out and I would never get to enjoy the pleasure of eating food again.

This is where I was wrong.  My pleasure with life should not be coming from food.  Food is meant to nourish my body, it was not meant for pleasure.  I want my life to be about bringing value to the world.  I want to spend my energy encouraging others and making wonderful memories with friends and family.

I wanted this struggle with food to be done, over, finito.  I have spent enough energy fighting my desire for food, that I have since acted.  Part of this was realizing a lot of the struggle was with my emotions, driving me towards food and being completely oblivious to it.  With the knowledge I have learned from health coaching with HCI and studying Brooke Castillo, I have put together 7 solutions to junk food cravings.

7 Solutions to Junk Food Cravings

  1. Commitment. Make the commitment to yourself and always have your back. When you give in to a craving or food that is not on your protocol be curious about it.  Learn from the experience and do not, I repeat, do not beat yourself up.
  2. Over desire. Desire starts with a thought in your brain. Don’t answer your urges. When we see or hear a commercial, or a thought pops into our head and we have an instant desire, recognize that you have a choice.  Not answering these urges will help you stop the desire.
  3. Establishing Your Protocol. This is what you plan to eat.  There is no magic formula that will work for everyone.  Set a protocol and commit to it.  After an evaluation period if you aren’t getting the results you want, then you adjust your protocol.
  4. 4 Types of Eating. Before eating categorize what type of eating you are doing.  Recognize there are different reasons for eating.  Once you start categorizing everything you eat it will bring about more awareness to why you are eating.
    1. Fuel Eating – is when you are choosing to eat the foods that are power foods. Clean eating are foods that are whole foods; proteins, fruits, vegetables.  No processed flour or processed sugar.
    2. Pleasure Eating – is when you are eating to give yourself pleasure. These types of foods are usually processed and convenient.  You want to plan for when you are going to eat pleasure foods and stick to the plan of when, where and amount.
    3. Distracted Eating – is when you are busy doing something else and you begin munching/snacking. This may even be stress eating, when you have so much going on at work and you eat a bag of chips or cookies and then you look around wondering where they went.  This type of eating you want to limit and correct as soon as you realize it.
    4. Storm Eating – This type of eating is like being in an eye of a storm. You are out of control and may look like binge eating.  This form of eating is usually having to do with emotional overwhelm.  When you recognize you are eating this way you want to do 2 things.  Do a thought download and see what you are thinking and feeling and learn from it for next time.  2. Recommit to your goals and your life and get back to the 90% fuel eating.
  5. Thought Awareness. Know what your thoughts are when it comes to food.  Your thoughts create your feelings, feelings create your actions or inactions, and your actions produce your results. Know what your thoughts are, recognize them and change them.  Thoughts will also produce your desire for food.  Use food for fuel and nothing more.
  6. Thought Download. Step outside of your mind and focus on your thoughts.  Write down the first 5 thoughts you are having now.  Write them in sentences, instead of a story or a paragraph.  You will want to look at these thoughts and see if they are serving you in your life and your goals.  (Thought model)
  7. The Model.

C – Circumstance (Neutral) Food

T – Thought

F – Feeling

A – Action

R – Results

I hope this list in part or whole will help someone else that is struggling with emotional battle with food.  Join me at my free Emotional Overeaters Group on Facebook for more information to this list and for great support.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/108059126656894/

Live Positive!!