It is that time of year where we are wrapping up 2017 and looking forward to 2018.  When reflecting you may do this through the mindset of regret, frustration and disappointment.  These mindsets will keep you stuck in 2018.

If you want to move forward, you need to accept your past and know you cannot change.  In 2017 you may not have accomplished everything you wanted to accomplish but focus on the lessons.  This does not mean you failed, it means you have a learning opportunity.  What can you do differently to move one step forward for next time?  Look back and 2017 and list the accomplishments you do have, no matter how small.  This will give you the boost of enthusiasm for the future.

When setting your goals for 2018 make a list of what you want to accomplish.  If it doesn’t make you uncomfortable you are not stretching yourself enough.  You want 2018 to be the year you grow, you will need to be uncomfortable.  Being uncomfortable is just a feeling.  Nothing you can’t handle.

Start your goal setting by the areas in your life; career, family/relationship, health, financial and spirituality.  Which are is most important to you?  Then review your passions, talents, values and obstacles in life.  My gaining this self-awareness you will be able to plan out your goals and know what obstacles may arise; you will be unstoppable.

With each goal you set you must expect failure.  Failure means you are trying and learning.  Without this acceptance of failure, you will not be able to move forward and push yourself.  You will not reach the goals or dreams you have for yourself.

Let’s all make 2018 our year of failures; and by doing so we will have a year of successes.

Live Positive!!