As I lay my head down to sleep I am feel confidence surge through my thoughts and body.  How do I have this firm belief in myself, it isn’t always here?  This isn’t always how I feel so what makes tonight any different?  It’s because tonight I have the true belief in myself and my future.  I see my self succeeding in anything I set my mind to.  I can see my future self helping others make it through their struggles with anxiety and weight loss.

The definition of confidence from dictionary.com is “the feeling of belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust”.  Future focus is just that, intentionally placing your mind and attention on the future.  Our mind likes to use the past for the direction in which to go.  This for some leads to more anxiety and criticizing decisions that were made in the past and can’t be changed.  When you jump in your car to go somewhere remember you don’t drive backwards.  Don’t do this with your dreams and goals.

Confidence is created when success is obtained.  When you can see that you can achieve your goals.  Creating confidence without proof is possible.  This is done through future focus.  Setting your goals and creating a plan for how you are going to achieve that goal is the first step in building confidence.  Creating a thought that empowers you to know that you are capable and strong.

Confidence is needed in everything we are and everything we do; relationships, careers, weight loss, entrepreneurship.  This can all be done by thinking intentionally.  When you think intentional thoughts, you create new thought patterns at any age and no matter how long you may have doubted yourself.

Here are 5 tips to get started on future focus

  1. Recognize the thoughts that are holding you back
  2. Know what thought you are going to replace the old thinking with
  3. Create a plan to achieve your dreams
  4. Stick to your plan
  5. Celebrate the achievements

Confidence is the tool that will get you moving forward and will get you to your destination.  There will be times you will struggle with finding the confidence but following the 5 tips above will keep you on track.

Live Positive!